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Bend the Arc engages people and communities throughout the United States in creating economic opportunity and promoting social justice. There are many ways to get involved, locally and nationally. We are building a national movement that pursues justice as a core expression of Jewish tradition. Please check back frequently in the days ahead as we continue to develop our website to learn the many ways that you can join us.

Take Action

Sign the Fair Care Pledge

If you employ a housecleaner, nanny, or in-home caregiver, commit to being a fair employer: take the Fair Care Pledge from our partner Hand in Hand.

Be a Leader for Voting Rights

Sign up to be a leader in Bend the Arc's campaign to mobilize the Jewish community behind passage of the Voting Rights Amendment Act.

Join a Video Teach-In on Voting Rights

Join Bend the Arc for a special video teach-in with Heather Booth at the start of our campaign to protect the right to vote for all.

In Solidarity for Immigration Reform

Stand in solidarity with hundreds of Jews and Muslims across the country fasting for immigration reform, and with 11 million aspiring citizens.

Meet Our Donors

Lorraine & Victor Honig

"Social justice is important to us. We believe changes take time and cannot always be measured right away."


Calendar of Events

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Help Someone Change Their Record, Change Their Life

8831 Venice Blvd.
90034 Los Angeles, CA

Thanks to a new law called Proposition 47, people may be able to get non-violent felonies...


In the Belly of the Whale: Ending Youth Solitary Confinement

94111 San Francisco , CA

Juvenile solitary confinement is a horrific practice regularly used in facilities across...

In Your Community

Taking Action to Reform Solitary Confinement for Juveniles in California


Bay Area leaders swayed two California Assembly Members to vote YES on a key progressive law.

A New Campaign in California to Make it Fair


Bend the Arc joined a new campaign to close pernicious commercial property tax loopholes that have increased inequality in California for decades.