Hurricane Sandy Response Fund

Hurricane Sandy Response Fund

Bend the Arc has a history of focusing grants and loans in low income communities that are disproportionately affected when disaster strikes. With so many good organizations raising general funds for Hurricane Sandy relief, we decided to use the experience and knowhow we’ve developed working in disaster-stricken communities to focus on the immediate needs of Newark, New Jersey, in a partnership forged with Newark’s Mayor Cory Booker. Now we are moving forward to invest in the long-term recovery of low income areas most most affected by the storm.

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The Jewish community has a rich tradition of reaching out to offer help wherever it is needed and to whomever needs assistance. A short distance from Manhattan, Newark’s families have an average income that is half that of New Jersey as a whole. While New Jersey has seen incredible devastation from Hurricane Sandy, from its shore and riverfront communities to towns further inland, some areas will be better positioned to rebuild quickly, while others risk being left behind due to a pattern of longstanding social and economic challenges. Newark is one of these areas, which is why we chose it as one of our areas of focus.  

Immediate Relief Efforts

Among the first recipients of funds were Newark Family Success Centers, an organization with deep roots in Newark and a broad group of community partners who have experience providing services ranging from crisis shelter to child care, economic development, educational assistance, job training and neighborhood renewal. Track the impact of donations for immediate relief.

Invest in Long-term Recovery

As a Jewish organization that has been working on the ground in New Orleans’ poorest neighborhoods throughout the seven years since Hurricane Katrina, Bend the Arc has a track record of successful long term post-disaster recovery work creating affordable housing, making small business loans, and helping restore essential services in neighborhoods that had the least resources both before and after disaster struck.

In addition to raising funds for immediate relief for urgent needs, Bend the Arc is commented to long-term investment in infrastructure, vital community institutions and businesses in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. As we do in New Orleans, we will work directly with community based organizations in affected areas to ensure that our work benefits the people who most need assistance.

To fund this work, we are asking for both donations and for investment funds that will be used to make loans for the long-term community redevelopment that we have been doing for decades. If you are in a position to invest in the future of communities affected by the hurricane, please get in touch with Jamie Beran at 212.213.2113 ext. 35 or at

Launched November 2, 2012

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