Biggest bang for the buck

I recently thought about the value of Selah during a very busy week for my organization. At the beginning of the week, we did a training with City Year Mentors in New Hampshire to help them use the RQP Strategy as they are tutoring students at risk of dropping out. That was thanks to a connection I made with a member of my Selah cohort. At the end of the week, we were in Washington at the Department of Justice talking about how we could be helpful to a new Access to Justice initiative; a meeting tied directly to a connection I made with another member of my cohort at the Selah opening retreat. And, in the middle of the week, we had a meeting with a very smart young entrepreneur who was helping us think through organizational and revenue challenges; a connection I made through a Jewish Funds for Justice event featuring Selah in Boston. So, after working for nearly 20 years at keeping the dream alive at my organization, I found that the Selah provided one of the quickest, most effective, biggest bang for the buck, meaningful networking opportunities I've ever experienced. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity.

Dan Rothstein, Cohort 8: Boston, 2010
Dan Rothstein is the Executive Director of the Right Question Project (RQP), a non-profit educational organization that offers strategies to help people in low and moderate-income communities learn to advocate for themselves, participate in decisions that affect them and partner with service-providers and public officials.

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